Kane Tanaka (the oldest person in the world) eating strawberies

Kane Tanaka’s Diet Secrets For Longevity.

Everyone wants to enjoy a happy and long life, and Kane Tanaka is an example of that. Kane Tanaka is a Japanese woman who is considered the oldest woman in the world.

Kane Tanaka, the longest-living person, was born on January 2nd, 1903.

She has been alive for more than 100 years and recently celebrated her 119th birthday on January 2nd, 2022.

Kane Tanaka’s Diet And Habits

Being the oldest documented person doesn’t stop Kane Tanaka from enjoying her favorite foods. She is a huge fan of chocolates and fizzy drinks and likes to enjoy them at every celebration.

One of her famous photographs snapped at her world-record celebration shows her diving into a huge strawberry tower offered with whipped cream. This super centenarian loves sweets and likes to include them in her daily diet.

Her daily diet habits are quite similar to other Japanese country mates of hers which includes eating soup, fish, and white rice along with drinking lots of water. 

These foods are rich in nutritional value like fish which contains nutrients like vitamin A and D, omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus, and selenium.

By the way, Selenium has been found to not only protect us from various cancers but it is also an anti oxidant & a brain protector.

Sea foods & Nuts are good source of Selenium & for those who kinda find it unable to include oysters, sardines & shiitake mushrooms in their meals, Selenium can also be taken in the form of supplement.

Fish is a good alternative to fatty red meats & Rice serves as a good source of slow carbs to keep you full without having a high content of fats.

Along with eating healthy foods, Kane Tanaka believes that good sleep and keeping her brain active maintain her health and well-being.

She wakes up daily at 6 am, plays her favorite game Othello in the morning (no wonder her mental faculties are still sharp & running), and practice arithmetic in the evening to keep her brain sharp.

Kane Tanaka (the oldest person in the world) eating strawberies
Kane Tanaka, the oldest person in the world playing Othello (TV Asahi)

Kane Tanaka is as well known in japan as is any other celebrity.

Many people admire her for maintaining her health even after being diagnosed with colon cancer.

In 2006, Kane Tanaka was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent surgery when she was 103 years old. She survived the surgery and beat cancer and continued to live a healthy life.

Her second son and his wife has also released a book called “In Good and Bad Times, 107 Years Old” four years afterward, highlighting her healthy life and longevity.

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