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How to Naturally Raise Testosterone in Females

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is steroidal in nature, but it is also present in females in low amounts.

Even though it is a male sex hormone, it is not bad for women. Women do naturally need a certain amount of Testosterone for optimal health.

Testosterone provides many benefits to women’s health such as increase muscle mass, high strength and energy, greater bone density, higher libido, happy mood, and sharp memory

Due to some physiological changes, which takes place in women after menopause or within perimenopausal years, testosterone level drops largely in female that affects their sexual health as well as general health and causes negative emotions.

That’s well said but how to naturally raise testosterone in females?

Read further to find out the three best ways to naturally raise testosterone in females at home.

1. Power Positions Increases Testosterone Naturally

Power positions increase your testosterone levels within minutes as suggested by Tony Robbins; a famous American author, Leading Life Coach & Business strategist.

All you need to do is to stand as upright as you can with your shoulders wide and straight and put your both hands on your hip sideways. And assume yourself as superhuman such as Batman, Wonder woman, or a Super Woman.

Now, take deep breathes and maintain this position for just two minutes. After doing this power position, your testosterone level will increase naturally by 20 percent that helps you to feel more powerful and in control of your emotions.

2. Lower down your Stress level

Women are more prone to chronic stress than men. Chronic stress is due to the higher level of cortisol hormone that works against your testosterone levels. In simpler words, the higher your stress level is the lower would be testosterone production.

So, lower down your stress level by engaging within your environment. Laugh often, take a 10-minute walk, sleep properly and practice meditation regularly. These exercises will help you calm your mind and will give a natural boost to your testosterone.

3. Follow a Healthy and Balanced Diet

A healthy and balanced diet will help you to increase your testosterone naturally. Add proteins, carbs, and fats to your daily eating portion as they will maintain your mind and body and boost your testosterone level. But always take your food in a balanced way. Moderation is the key to success.

these three ways will surely help women to increase their testosterone production. However, always seek medical advice as your doctor will prescribe you testosterone supplements to get better results.

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