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How To Immediately Relieve Stress


In today’s world stress is very common among people from various walks of life.

Almost everybody suffers from it.

It causes various health problems including hypertension or high blood pressure, increases in cortisol levels leading to obesity.

It also affects us psychologically by making us more prone to anger outbursts and mood swings.

The question is how to release all that stress so that we can live a more healthy life?


The most commonly cited methods to release stress are actually correct & effective in releasing stress and are helpful indeed.

However, they are time-consuming which in the current era is not preferred since people are extremely busy& have hectic schedules to follow.

How can get more sleep, meditation, and getting exercise helps an office worker, student, or housewife?

 They already are stressed because of working laboriously, spending hours commuting to and from work and many are even doing two to three jobs.


Chris Powells is an American personal trainer & TV host of the famous Extreme Weight Loss.

While his appearance as a guest in Dr. Oz Show, He explained how stress plays a major role in the accumulation of fat around the belly and guided the audience with his method of how one can quickly relieve stress effectively within just a few moments.

The method he explained is extremely useful for getting rid of stress and exclaimed that athletes and fitness enthusiasts use this exact method before a big event to relieve stress instantly.

The method is quite simple just stand up and tighten up every muscle in the body for just five seconds.

After 5 seconds gently release the body and muscles from their tightened positions.

Repeat the process at least three times and your stress level will definitely go down considerably.

This method helps the body to feel relaxed and it can be performed anywhere, any time and it takes only 15-20 seconds.

In addition to other techniques to get rid of belly fat, this one reduces stress without taking up too much time.


This brilliant life hack can help us in our everyday situations when due to various reasons our stress level goes up.

It is simple, neither time nor money consuming and for everyone.

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