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How Salads Are A Big Part Of The K-Pop Diet

Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind the ridiculously healthy and beautiful K-pop idols? You might think of K-pop idols as superhumans who manage to look so good despite their hectic routines. But believe me, their ideology is much simpler than you can imagine.

The Secret Behind K-Pop Idols’ Impressive Health

K-pop icons maintain their skin and physical health by eating only healthy foods. They advocate for respecting your body i.e., eating only the foods that are beneficial such as salads. They avoid junk food and sugary drinks altogether. 

Since salads are minimally processed and packed with nutrients, they have become a staple of the Korean diet.

What Types Of Salads Do K-Pop Idols Consume?

Salads that K-pop idols prefer can range from simple 2 ingredient salads to complex ones. The girl band SECRET eats a combination of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and strawberries in a day. While Sae Yung prefers to eat avocado salad for lunch.

A Must-Have Item

A compulsory item of every K-pop diet is sweet potato. Whether it’s IU or Jung Hye Young, they mostly eat one or two sweet potatoes as lunch

Minimalistic Attitude

K-pop stars believe that seasoning heavily is not important. Even the chiseled male stars, Wheesung and Changmin eat their salad without dressing. Koreans believe salt consumption leads to water retention.

Frequency Of Salad Consumption

Salad is mostly consumed once or twice a day. It is preferred during lunch.

The Quantity Of Salads K-Pop Idols Adhere To

K-pop stars are strictly against overconsumption. They only eat a single small serving per day.

The Ultimate Benefits Of Salads

Salads are loaded with healthy nutrients. They are a rich source of vitamins and minerals that are important for the proper functioning of the body. The antioxidants in salads give a glow to your skin 

The low-fat content also makes it an ideal go-to meal to lose weight and keep your body slim.

The dietary fibers in salads are a major benefit to look up to. They relieve constipation and  ensure proper digestion.

Moreover, it works wonders for your gut bacteria. Eating salads helps you strengthen your gut microbiome which further promotes proper digestion of food.

Since there is no specific way to make a salad, you can do as many variations as you want. Adding meat will give a high protein salad while adding sweet potato will give you additional carbohydrates so you feel full for a long time.

K-pop stars indulge in different types of salads to add vigor and increase overall strength, without compromising their health and skin.



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