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How Meat and Dairy Products Consumption Are Destroying Our Planet


Every breath we take on this earth needs a healthy planet. Our planet requires the same care that it has given to us. Everything we eat or drink comes from this planet. So, we should maintain our planet the same way it has maintained us. 

The secret that our planet is in danger is no longer hidden. Everyone knows how different factors are ruining the health of our planet. Among different factors, one is the consumption of meat and dairy products. It is both shocking and horrifying to see how our food choices have such negative environmental consequences for our planet.

Let us see how meat and dairy product consumption is destroying our planet.


1. High Water Usage

Meat, dairy, and other animal products are those products in which water is used in high quantities daily. A deep analysis of this water usage shows that about 2000 gallons of water are used to manufacture only one gallon of milk. Moreover, every single cow needs about 30 to 50 gallons of water for lactating. According to these estimates, we can see how a large quantity of water is used for this purpose that can be used to help a significant population.

2. Climate Changes

According to a report, the proportion of greenhouse gas emissions from meat and dairy is about 14 to 18 percent. This percentage is possibly larger than the percentage of emissions by other factors alone. This emission is affecting the climate badly, which is itself very destructing. This issue has more adverse effects on the life of the planets as this emission and climate change cause global warming and affect the ozone line.

3. Land and Air Pollution

Animal manure and urine account for more waste than human waste. As the amount of this waste is large, i.e., about 100 tons on average. So, this waste requires proper disposal. But this waste is not disposed of properly and left out in large fields and land. This waste proves to be harmful and contributes to land and air pollution.

4. Deforestation and Disturbance in Natural Ecosystem

Cows and other livestock animals are mainly fed on crops like corn, soy, and alfalfa. These kinds of crops are grown on grazing lands. So, to grow more of them, we are converting forests into grazing lands. Thus, we are contributing to deforestation and creating a disturbance in the natural ecosystem by destroying the habitats of other animals.

5. Use of Pesticides and other Chemicals

Pesticides and chemicals are used to enhance the growth of crops that livestock, including cows and buffaloes, eat. These pesticides are dangerous chemicals that travel long distances through food chains, increasing exposure. Thus, this exposure has caused more threats to other illnesses.


As you can see how the consumption of only meat and dairy products has disturbed our planet and its life. Considering the rapidly increasing demand for these products due to an increase in the population, we should take measures to protect our planet and our lives.

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