How did Adele lose weight | A brief explanation of the method she used

Adele lost around 50 pounds of her weight by applying a new trendy diet. A diet which has been reported to be quite famous among celebrities. And the very diet helped adele lose over 50 pounds within quite a short time span. The diet helped to give a boost and increase her body’s metabolism and as a result helped her burn calories and body fats at faster pace. So much so that at her 32nd birthday a photo of her transformed self when posted on instagram, broke the internet by gaining 12 million likes and around a million comments within a matter of just few hours; and you know that nothing on social media goes viral until or unless it really has something special and unique to offer.

Well what was the new, trendy and celebs favorite diet you ask? the answer is: sirtfood diet.

We will go straight to the topic of discussing how does sirtfood diet work and how exactly did it recently help adele went through a mind blowing transformation.

(to understand what sirfood diet is, please click here)

The diet is based around a group of seven proteins found in the body, called sirtuins, which play quite a significant role in regulating body’s metabolism.

The diet focuses on consuming certain low calorie foods also called sirtfoods. sirtfoods are rich in special nutrients called polyphenols and are capable of activating the above mentioned special proteins SIRTs (sirtuins) also colloquially dubbed “skinny genes.” once activated they produces the same effects in body as that of exercise or fasting.

These proteins also play a fundamental role in heart health and in mantaining the proper functioning of sleep-wake cycle technically called the circadian rythm.

So, the sirtfoods helped adele boost her body’s metabolism and burn her fats at faster pace. in addition to sirt food she also did workout 2-3 times a day which boosted her metabolism even further. because low calorie intake, intermittent fasting and exercise also activate the sirtuin proteins.

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