Foods with High Thermic effect

Foods with high thermic effect are: 1- Organic meat. 2- Organic/ Free-range eggs. 3- Nuts. 4- Seeds. 5- All kinds of green tea. 6- Coffee. 7- Dark Chocolate. 8- Chili peppers (Spicy food). 9- Beans. 10- Legumes. For those who wanna dig deeper; the Thermic effect of food is the increase in the body’s metabolic rate … Read more

Why Celebrities And Models Eat Oats And Why You Should Too

image of a bowl of oatmeal and a jar of oats on the floor

Oats are a preliminary breakfast option nowadays. Most celebrities, sportspersons, and models consume this hearty yet nutritious meal in different forms to gain benefits from it. You can easily make different varieties of oats to enjoy the taste as well as take benefits from it. Follow along to know which celebrities eat oats, how they … Read more

Aerial Yoga (Flying Yoga) – An Exercise Celebrities Swear By

a vetor image of a girl doing aerial (flying) yoga

Aerial yoga offers a pleasant twist to regular exercise. This is the reason why well-known celebrities have incorporated it into their workout routine. What Is Aerial Yoga? Aerial yoga, as the name suggests, is performing yoga poses while suspended mid-air. Mastering it is not an easy task. It requires patience and continuous effort. Benefits Of … Read more

What Is Sirtfood Diet? Why More and More Celebrities Are Getting Fascinated With the Idea?

strawberries, blue berries and other fruits

Defined Sirtfood dietary plan is a plan that restricts calories intake to 1000 calories per day for the first three days and 1500 calories for the next four days of the week. This diet considers the research on sirtians (SIRTs). SIRTs are seven proteins found in the body and regulate several body functions like metabolism, … Read more

Exercise: A Myth of Getting Slimmer

Fat Burn

(Based on a study by Herman Pontzer) Who Is Professor Herman Pontzer? Professor Herman Pontzer is an associate professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke University. He studies human physiology, ecology, lifestyle, diet, and evolutionary history and tries to find their links to Human metabolism and health. [1] He has intensively studied hunter-gatherer societies to compare … Read more