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Food Items people usually avoid to order through food delivery apps & the why behind it

Meal kit and Meal delivery companies offer a lot of convenience and ease to a lot of individuals. And many individuals have started to recognize and realize that. 

How do we know that? 

Because a lot of individuals are cooking less and less and ordering more and more from the meal kit and meal delivery services locally or even from other cities and states of USA.

However, there are certain food items people still avoid to order from meal delivery apps & services. Below is a further detail of those items.

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Food items people are reluctant to order from food delivery apps

1- Coffee

People know that the meal delivery companies do wrap the food stuff very carefully but as far as coffee is concerned, no matter how good the food delivery companies wrap their stuff, many consumers have reported that they have received a spilled cup.

2- Slushie

People who ordered slushies through food delivery apps often report the same issues with slushie as the people who ordered the coffee did.

3- Ice cream

No one likes to eat melted ice cream and if you don’t live in a very cold area, there are high chances that you are gonna get a melted ice cream as many people have reported abut their ice cream orders placed at food delivery services.

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