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All About the Fitness Queen Qimmah Russo, Her Diet Plan and Routine

Like the tremendous fandom of Qimmah Russo on the internet, are you on the bandwagon to follow a diet like hers?

Diet and fitness enthusiasts often discuss the fitness sensation and social media celebrity Qimmah Russo. No doubt, Qimmah has built herself to shine in athletics, too. Her passion for basketball is not hidden anymore, evident from her Instagram profile. 

If you land on a profile, that’s all led by strenuous bouts of heavy workouts or a pile of a healthy food platter. Then without any doubt, it’s Qimmah Russo for you. 

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Qimmah comes from an American ethnicity, having a very supportive parental root. 

What is Qimmah Russo’s Special Diet? | What does Qimmah Russo eats to Stay Fit? 

Along with a highly constrained fitness workout regime, Qimmah is concerned with a balanced diet. Russo takes enough amount of fluids to detoxify her body. 

  BreakfastOatmeal, Apple, Honey, and Lemon mixed with a glass of warm water Warm water with honey and lemon promotes immunity and helps in digestion.
Mid-day Snacks A glass of fresh vegetable juice. Gooseberry juice Two slices of toast with egg white. Gooseberry juice enhances cardiac and liver function. It contains a fair amount of Vitamin C.
  Lunch    A bowl of lentils garnished with fresh vegetables. 
Evening Snacks          Seasonal fruits Nuts  Nuts prevents the risk for heart diseases and diabetes.
  Dinner A bowl of soup loaded with vegetables, Grilled chicken or fish fillet. 

Qimmah believes that having a cheat day is essential for a healthy diet routine. Along with that, Russo vehemently denies having a diet full of unhealthy fats.

In a nutshell, Qimmah Russo observes a well-defined and goal-based workout routine. You can make a huge difference in your before and after appearance once you leap on a diet and bouts like Qimmah Russo.

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