Exercise: Myths and Fallacies

Exercise And Its Fallacies

It is common knowledge that exercise is known to be one of the best physical activities that we can do to rejuvenate and stay healthy.

Even a very little exercise can do wonders if done regularly, due to several health benefits associated with it both mentally and physically. [1]

Myths And Fallacies Related To Exercise

Yet these benefits have led to many myths surrounding it which people have accepted as facts without any research.

Even the people who label themselves as “fitness freaks” and “health nuts” have no idea that some of the things they believe about their exercise regimen are total lies or half-truths.

Since there are many, let’s go over some common ones which the majority believe.

So while searching and trying to debunk this topic I came across a very important video that debunks these myths by three renowned fitness trainers, SeanKuechenmeister (a Clinical Athletic Trainer from Sports Science Lab, Newyork), Andy Stern (Founding Trainer & Director of Talent, Rumble Boxing), and Janeil Mason (Fit & Lit Founder and Personal Trainer). [2]

They have helped to debunk important myths that people believe, 17 to be exact. However, we are going to inspect a few major ones.

Myths Related To Cardio And Stretching

There are a lot of myths related to pre-exercise warm up workouts such as cardio and stretching.

It is a common belief that stretching can be helpful to open up muscles to exercise and reduce pain.

The second is that cardio is very important and helpful as an aid for weight loss.

Both of the 2 above mentioned common beliefs are myths with no evidence to support them. [3][4]

Myths Related To Weight Lifting

Weightlifting is one area of exercise that has a lot of myths that surround it with no foundation or evidence.

The most common myth is that it will make you bulk up especially if you lift heavier weights.

Another myth is that it is the main culprit in causing muscle tear, joint pain, and causes loss of flexibility all of which are unfounded. [6]

Myths Around Weight-Loss

People claim that exercise and especially vigorous painful exercise (No pain No gain) is the only way to lose weight and become slim.

This fact is simply not correct. [7]

While exercising can be helpful in aiding weight loss mostly weight loss depends on our dietary habits & intake.

This is backed by factual evidence and scientific studies.

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