Eastern Remedies For Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy

Enjoy your pregnancy and feel less nauseous through natural remedies for nausea and vomiting. We bet there is a quick relief ahead for you once you scroll down!

Congratulations! You are pregnant.

The day this news hit your ears might be the happiest day of your life, am I right?

But what follows is something that has put you in a little shock.

You might be waking up with an aching stomach, suffering from nauseous feelings throughout the day, morning sickness is every day’s story, refusing to eat, saying ‘No’ to certain edibles, and the list goes on…

Hang in there, you superwoman!

If half of the women suffer from nausea during pregnancy and you are, unfortunately, one of them, it does not mean you have to suffer from it at any cost.

You deserve better days. Free of cringe and discomfort.

To achieve that, what remedies can you think of?

Remedies for Nausea and Vomiting

Are you thinking of going quickly for medication?

My dear! It might seem easy but never a good idea during pregnancy.

In your pregnancy days, you need to avoid medicines for the safety of the fetus as much as possible.

So what else can you treat yourself with when you are going through the symptoms of nausea and vomiting?

Of course, it should be safe for your child, easily accessible, tried, and tested, not to mention a quick relief without harming the fetus.

Expert’s Opinions and Surveying

To gather a bunch of effective & time-tested natural and traditional eastern remedies, we turned to health practitioners and several pregnant ladies. They have gone through the same complaints of sick, nauseous feeling, morning sickness, and in some cases vomiting as well.

In this survey, experts and moms shared many good remedies for morning sickness.

Some common home remedies for vomiting while pregnant are here for your help.

Certain foods, positions, methods, and precautions gave the ladies a quick relief from nauseous feelings.

Hopefully, it will work in your case as well.

Let’s get to the list of remedies. It’ll bestow you quick relief from morning sickness or might be all day sickness.

Best Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Diving Deep into Foods

Sour Food

What about adding sourness to the stomach that is already sour? Believe me or not, it works.

Many pregnant ladies found relief in eating and sniffing sour food like lemons, pickles, or unsweetened cherries that are a great sour and sweet combo. [1]

Dried cherries act as a natural sour candy [2]. Likewise, it can take you out of nausea symptoms promptly. 

Moreover, what about sipping lemon water and smelling lemon peel? They can be good remedies for morning sickness. And who can deny the appealing drink like lemonade when nauseated? 

Vitamin B6

Experts believe that the intake of Vitamin B6 can help fight against nausea and vomiting. [3]

Fish, turkey, bananas don’t seem appealing during nausea and vomiting, right?

Wait, we have a better collection for you.

What about oats, soybeans, avocados, pistachios, and peanuts. We know you would love to give them a try.

They’re rich in B6. Besides, they are easy to take in. Yay!


Here comes one of the best remedies for morning sickness. For centuries, it is considered effective to treat hyperemesis within minutes. [4]

Moreover, it is clinically regarded as the safest and fruitful method to eliminate your nauseous self. [5]

What form do you love to have ginger? The good news is you have several options for it.

You can take it in a sweetened, dried shape known as crystallized ginger slices.

If you are a tea lover, ginger tea is a superb idea to go with.

Likewise, you can have ginger in capsule form as well.

To get quick relief, never forget to try ginger in soda. Ginger-laced lollipops can also be one of the natural cures for morning sickness.

Never Miss out on Mint Family

Tired of hyperemesis in your first trimester?

Have you tried everything, and nothing worked?

Wait, we have another gem for you.

What about morning sickness herbs?

Mint’s refreshing flavor is among the severe morning sickness remedies for a long time. Peppermint contains a rich amount of menthol. Hence, this works like a miracle for many mommies to be, out there. [6]

You can have the best herbal tea for morning sickness by adding peppermint oil to your tea. Even sniffing mint herb treats natural morning sickness effectively.

Treat yourself with Vitamin C

Intake of vitamin C through citrus fruits like oranges is a natural way to ease morning sickness. [7]

How about Saltines?

Salted homemade crackers are also one of the natural ways to stop morning sickness. Better not to get out of the bed without having a round of them.

Home Remedies for Hyperemesis Gravidarum other than Food

  • Have you ever heard about acupressure or acupuncture? To your surprise, this is also one of the home remedies for morning sickness relief. It hits the nerve centers of your body and helps you get rid of queasy feelings.

Pressing your palm with fingertips just above your pulse area while increasing pressure and taking deep breaths helps you when nauseated.

Moreover, you can opt for stretchy bands that put pressure on your wrist. [8]

  • Soothing scents like lemon-made lotions and sniffing menthol-containing herbs are also natural treatments for morning sickness. Facial wipes can also give you instant relief.
  • Feeling the symptoms of nausea and vomiting? Go for a walk, some physical activity, or mild exercise.

Wrapping it up

Have you gone through all the natural ways of morning sickness? Not all need to work for you, but some of them would surely be an instant relief.

Stop getting worried and take advantage of the solutions and experiences presented by pregnant ladies.

Start it from today and feel the difference. Because you would never like to spend your pregnancy near the sink.

Wish you a happy pregnancy!

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