Doja Cat’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine Secrets for Weight Loss

Thanks to her amazing vocals, and rapping capabilities, Doja Cat has become one of the biggest names in the music industry. But it is not only her voice that makes her fans love her, but her killer looks and her fit body have an equal contribution.

Doja Cat had stated in an interview with Cosmopolitan that she had body dysmorphia during her teens, which led her to think that she is fat and a part of her still struggles with them. Following her situation, she tries to remain fit by eating healthily and fighting these dysmorphic thoughts.

Doja even dedicated her song “Juicy” for self-acceptance and motivating herself.

Doja Cat Before and After Weight Loss Transformation

Over the years, Doja has gone through a massive transformation, and lately, fans have started to show curiosity towards the ways or the diet through which she has lost weight.

If you analyze her before and after weight loss photos, then it seems that Doja has lost most of the weight through her stomach. While not much is known about the eating habits and gym routines of Doja Cat, but still, we have managed to gain some legit information.

Doja’s Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Doja strictly avoids junk foods in her diet.

She prefers home-cooked meals and likes to make them herself.

One time at Twitter, she even gave her fans a sneak-peak through her diet, stating that she has been eating spinach tortillas with caramelized onion, eggs, and a lot of seaweed lately. 

Doja’s Lunch and Dinner Meal Plans

During lunch, Doja enjoys salmon and vegetables.

While at dinner, she prefers a proteinaceous meal such as chicken or beef steak. Pre-weight loss, Doja seemed to enjoy foods full of carbs, but she has made her diet carb-restricted for losing weight.

For snacks, she relies on seaweed chips and loves drinking fresh juices.

Moreover, Doja now prefers buying her groceries to know what she would be putting in her mouth and thus, remain careful in this regard.

Doja’s Workout Routine For Losing Weight

But it wasn’t the diet only that led Doja towards a transformation. She has also hired a trainer and regularly indulges in weight loss workouts.

Kettle bells, biceps, and shoulder presses are what Doja usually enjoys to shed pounds. Analyzing her weight loss photos, it is evident that Doja is no longer curvier. While some fans seem to support her through her choices, others were also quite unhappy and mentioned missing the curvy Doja.

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