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Diet Plan Of TWICE’s Tzuyu

In the K-pop industry, keeping yourself fit and good-looking are the most important things. Whether it is a male K-pop idol or a female star, the audience tends to follow those who can manage to look good and perform extraordinary as well. One such biggest celebrity who is being followed by millions in the world is Tzuyu (real name: Chou Tzu-yu from Taiwan), she is the youngest member of the group Twice. Despite being born in 1999, this multi-talented K-pop idol has become a talk of the town due to her attractive features and toned body.

Secret of Tzuyu

Having these many followers, Tzuyu does not disappoint them in maintaining her well-being and giving the best performance while singing. The secret of Tzuyu is her incredible diet routine. Follow along to find a detailed guide from everything that she eats to the benefits she gain.   

Breakfast Diet:

  • Oats with berries and banana
  • Juice

This is her first diet of the day. She strictly follows her diet plan and never indulges in junk food or any other carbohydrate-rich diet.


By following the above wholesome breakfast routine, you will boost your energy level, lower your sugar level, relieve skin itching and irritation, and make yourself feel full for long periods. This in turn helps you manage your weight.


  • Protein smoothie

 It seems strange how one can be so slim even when she is eating 4 meals! Her appreciable health is related to the composition of the food she consumes.


Protein shake helps in healthy metabolism and gaining lean muscle. It also helps in losing weight and belly fat.


Sushi and salad are the items of lunch that Tzuyu loves to have. It is so light and refreshing that you feel as if it is the start of the day. 


This type of lunch helps you in stabilizing your mood, acts as a memory booster, mediates wrinkle prevention, and repairs your muscle. It is also beneficial for people of all age groups to have such food in your lunch.


How can one miss dinner? Tzuyu makes sure to never miss this important meal. The items that she has for dinner are

  • Salmon or tofu, 
  • Veggies 
  • Sweet potato. 

Yes, these 3 foods are some of the best to consume at once.


This complete meal is loaded with healthy fats, carbohydrates, protein, and fibers. It enhances brain function and supports the immune system. Tzuyu prefers to have this 2 hours before her sleep.

That’s not the end !! A healthy life demands regular exercise as well. Following the above diet plan would be more effective if you take time out 1 hour for exercise daily, especially in the morning.


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