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Diet Plan Of Red Velvet’s Yeri

Red velvets are always on the hype; some days because of their energetic Performances, and the other days their fitness stunts are surfing on the social media platforms. 

Red velvet’s star, songwriter, and singer-turned actresses Yeri is always admired for her on and off-screen presence.

Yeri Pre-debut | Yeri debut in Red velvet 

Known in public as Yeri, her real name is Kim Ye-rim. Yeri pre-debut made her entry into the South Korean K-Pop through SM entertainment.

Although Yeri’s pre-debut in SM entertainment and then into SM Rookies is an accomplishment. Yet; you might be wondering about two things: When did Yeri join red velvet? Or why was Yeri added to red velvet? 

Well, the answer to this maybe is Yeri had already shown her presence in the debut song of red velvet.

However, by 2015 she was officially introduced as a member while Ice cream cake was about to be released.

Yeri’s Fitness | Yeri diet plan | Yeri Favorite Food 

Hence, Yeri’s facts will be incomplete without her ultimate fitness. Yeri is, often seen performing intense Pilates workouts. It is the core element behind her fitness secrets. 

According to the latest interview; Yeri started that: 

”The Fat you’ve gained; can be lost quickly”. 

She said that autumn brings lots of Yeri’s favorite foods. And Yeri tends to gain fat around this time of the year. However, she was once seen eating a very balanced meal that included green veggies, Proteins, and the optimum amount of carbs. 

That is: 

A bowl with salmon, some Spinach bread and sushi, and Ta-Da!”. 

Similarly, you can incorporate such a balanced and healthy diet in your meals, too. 

Just have an idea of the Meal chart below:  

Meals TimesMeals
BreakfastPoached eggs Chicken sausage Avocado toast
LunchSushi Salmon salad Juice
DinnerChicken or Turkey Spinach, Kale, and asparagus salad  

Hence, an idol like Yeri must be keeping her diet and workout regimen in balance to have a remarkable public presence. Her extravagant looks and high-end HIIT Pilates makes her exceptionally fit. This level of a perfectly organized life directly influences her skin and physique.

 That’s why her fans are always in awe, “Did Yeri get plastic surgery”?

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