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Diet Plan of Red Velvet’s Seulgi

If you are a K-pop fan, you must have seen; The red velvet girl gang rising to popularity in a short span. Seulgi is one of those super energetic singers and dancers. 

Seulgi is a South Korean-born singer and dancer. From full of energy performances to Seulgi outfits inspo, her fandom is in awe of her looks. Seulgi bangs have been a very hyped trend supported by her Seulgi fandom. 

Kang Seulgi Facts  

Kang Seulgi facts will be incomplete without the great Irene & Seulgi Dou or Red Velvet sub-unit. SM Entertainment is the primary platform to launch the Seulgi pre-debut. However, according to the Seulgi vocal analysis, Seulgi has to sing at lower extremes during Red Velvet Performance. 

From on-stage performance to pretty looks, Seulgi monolids and dancing moves portray her as a perfect Human Doll! 

Seulgi Favorite Food | Seulgi Red Velvet Diet plan 

The global K-pop fans are often seen; asking about the Seulgi Favorite food? Well, this is because K-Pop idols are; often idealized by their huge fandom. Their favorite food, workout routines, and diet plans never go out of the discussion!

Do you know one thing about your favorite Red Velvet, Seulgi? She is a foodie, and can’t stop herself from eating a lot! She once opened the secret Pandora on JTBC (Non-Summit).

Another shocking reveal that surprised Seulgi fans is that she followed an extreme diet plan before her debut in Red Velvet. She used to have Soy milk only by that time. 

Thus, as it is evident from Seulgi statements that she eats whatever she likes but in a balanced manner. The great secret behind the iconic Seulgi fitness is her intense exercise or physical fitness regime. Seulgi has to follow Pilates, intense Cardio, and dancing. 

Such an intense cardio workout is sufficient to burn the extra calories she tends to gain! 

Hence the Seulgi aesthetic icons and chic fashion sense make her; the most charming member of the Red Velvet Girl band. Although, her daily diet is still a mystery. 

Let us assume that she has to maintain an evergreen appearance! And that is only possible through organized eating habits. 

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