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Wonho’s Diet Plan: Facts You Must Know To Get A Chiseled Body Like The Former Monsta X Member

Wonho, the former lead vocalist of Monsta X, is popular for his well-defined abs and toned arms and legs. While many people know the workout routine of Wonho, only a few know Wonho’s diet plan.

The soloist now maintains his physique purely by working extremely hard to make time for his gym and eating a balanced diet.

Never giving in on the pressure

Wonho was forced to leave Monsta X in 2019 due to false accusations. Although it was a very tough period for him, he did not succumb to binge eating and depression. Wonho says eating healthy has become a compulsory part of his everyday routine.


He never misses a gym session, even after 4 hours of dance practice. Wonho, in an interview given to Naver V App, mentioned that he lost 5 kgs in 10 days by cycling for 1 hour 30 minutes, running on a treadmill, and eating healthy.

Wonho says he only eats cheat meals when he is on set.

Wonho’s Favorite Supplements

Wonho’s favorite supplements are:

  • Vitamins 
  • Protein shake

Wonho says, “It is very important to take vitamins. Vitamin activates energy in your body.” He also never travels overseas without his protein powder.

Wonho’s Favorite Foods 

Wonho eats the most food among all his former group members. His best-loved food item is ramyun(Korean-style instant noodles). 

Some of his other favorite foods are:

  • Traditional ramen
  • Chicken breast
  • Radish leaves
  • Rice 
  • Thin crust pizza
  • Tangerine 
  • Cold noodles (only during summers)
  • Milk (Wonho’s favorite convenience store food!)

Fun fact: Rice is his staple food; Wonho doesn’t like having meals without rice. He can even have 8 bowls of rice in a day!

Some meals that Wonho doesn’t like at all are:

  • Tteokbokki(simmered rice cake)
  • The crust of the pizza(Well, who does?!)

And just like most of us, he also hates eating alone.

Wonho’s Diet plan

Wonho eats 6 meals in a day. He prepares all his meals himself at the start of the day or a day before. Wonho makes sure to include a lot of antioxidants in his diet (such as tomatoes). He also consumes a variety of vegetables such as cabbage, kale, asparagus, broccoli, etc.

Note: Wonho avoids eating salty food as it leads to water retention in the body. If he ever eats a salty meal, he drinks warm water after it and submerges his lower body in hot water, and sweats a lot to lose water weight.

In an interview with ohhoho 오호호 YouTube channel, Wonho elaborated his below mentioned diet plan to his fans.

Breakfast diet plan

For breakfast, he has 2 meals of

  • White rice
  • Red meat
  • Vegetables


He has a banana or sweet potato for a snack.

Lunch diet plan

For lunch, he has

  • Sweet pumpkin (a carbohydrate replacement for white rice)
  • Red meat 
  • Veggies

Dinner diet plan

His dinner is the same as his lunch.


For the last two meals of the day, i.e. after a workout and before going to bed, he has a protein shake which includes

  • Chicken breast
  • Oatmeal (100 to 120 grams)
  • Asparagus 


Wonho pays special attention to his diet plan to maintain his muscular physique, as he knows that exercise alone does not make you gain muscles and give you a toned look.


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