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Diet Plan Of BTS Min Yoongi Suga

Born and raised in Daegu, South Korea, Min Yoongi is a rapper, record producer, and songwriter popularly known by his stage name, Suga. Min Yoongi belonged to a low-income family, but due to his legendary music sense, he started writing and producing songs since he was 13.

In 2013, after Suga worked as a rapper for the local industry, he auditioned for the South Korean boy band BTS and got accepted. From that day onwards, Min Yoongi never looked back and kept moving higher.

Does Min Yoongi follow a diet and workout?

Agust D, just like other BTS members, doesn’t follow a specific diet plan. Although, he munches many snakes and takes three meals a day. In addition, he workouts twice daily for two hours. Suga trains not only to burn calories, but he also likes to spend time in the gym when he is stressing out.

Read more to find more about Suga eating rituals.

Does Min Yoongi believe in Intermittent Fasting?

Motionless Min worries about his bulky presence on TV thereby started doing intermittent fasting. He does a 6/18 diet in which he restraint from eating for 18 hours and then consumes anything he likes for the next 6 hours [1]. This diet helped Yoongi to lose weight and toned his physical appearance. In addition, Yoongi doesn’t take any food after 6 pm.

What is Min Yoongi’s favorite food?

Min Yoongi enjoys eating a list of delicious food. Let’s check them

  • Meat, meat, and meat, that’s what Suga like most. His favorite meat dish is Galbi, a South Korean dish made with beef or pork ribs cooked with charcoal and commonly known as Korean Barbecue [2].
  • Suga also enjoys eating fried chicken with sprinkles of salt on top of it.
  • Pizza appears on top of Suga’s menu.
  • Fruity flavored ice cream is Suga’s favorite dessert.

What is Min Yoongi’s favorite restaurant?

Min Yoongi, alongside Kim Taehyung, enjoys eating food from Panda Express, a South Korean restaurant in the USA [3].

The Bottom Line

That concludes Min Yoongi’s diet plan. Simple, flexible, and different, this is what Min Yoongi eating rituals look like.

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