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Diet Plan Of Mamamoo’s Moonbyul

 Just sit back and rant on one of the unique diet plans! 

Well, before that, know this, Mamamoo Moonbyul is the lead rapper of the witty smarty Mamamoo girl gang. Moonbyul has got a lot on her plate for her gigantic fandom while being a rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, and radio jockey. 

Mamamoo Moonbyul Facts | Mamamoo Moonbyul Pre-Debut 

Mamamoo Moonbyul digital single “Selfish”, has created an immense surge on the internet. Moonbyul’s pre-debut dates back to the time when she entered the Paekche Institute of the Arts for media music and vocals. 

Thus, 2011 was the year when this beauty icon started up with her eminent singing career. 

Did Mamamoo Moonbyul get plastic surgery? 

Well, after Moonbyul awe-inspiring transformation, netizens are often seen asking this question. There’s no doubt, Moonbyul’s ravishing looks are extraordinary. 

Yet, Mamamoo Moonbyul plastic surgery is a mere piece of buzz. 

Mamamoo Moonbyul Diet Plan | Moonbyul Fat Loss Journey 

Since her career started, Moonbyul practiced some intense exercises, harsh diet plans. With only two to three items a day, as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Moonbyul lost 10 kgs! 

You must be surprised, right? Of course being on a diet like Moonbyul, or any other Kpop idol, you’re about to go through some really tough tactics. 

Let me tell you a secret, this way. That’s, never in your life try these tough diets. Instead, go for some regular HIIT exercises, or eat healthily and have a balanced diet. You may have a portion control diet. 

Believe me, the results will be as surprising as Moonbyul’s diet gave her! 

But if you wanna have a mix of her and your own very own healthy diet plan. Have a look at the one below: 

MealsWhat to have?Tidbit
BreakfastTwo sweet potatoes Milk (one cup) Pouched eggSweet Potatoes are rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals. They enhance metabolism, immunity, and brain function
LunchDiet cereal (one bowl)Sweet potato (one small)Chicken fillet   
SnackFresh vegetable juice (Cucumber or pumpkin)Fresh vegetable juice is a magical nectar, that helps in detoxification and micro nutrient balance
DinnerVeggies salad Sweet potatoes (two) Fish fillet 

This is all about Moonbyul diet plan, seems like sweet potato is a must have for Moonbyul favorite foods!

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