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Diet Plan Of Mamamoo’s Hwasa

K-pop idols and fitness are two well-bounded terms.

Whenever you talk about any K-pop idol, you must be wondering over their flattering fitness levels. Hwasa or Ahn Hye-jin (real name) is no less than others. Her on screen glimmering presence, enchanting vocals, everything she portray creates a buzz.

 Hwasa Mamamoo Pre-debut | Hwasa facts

Hwasa is the most charming idol from the iconic Mamamoo K-pop girlies. Hwasa pre-debut already made her glimmer through the Korean music industry.

Hwasa has some of the alluring singing traits, still she someone called Hwasa fat and unpleasant to look at.

But after the sneaky peaky response, Hwasa got from her debut and singles, made people go-crazy.

Pilates or yoga and a hardcore Cardio, collectively make Hwasa’s workout routine.

Did Hwasa get plastic surgery?

Well, whether the hype about Hwasa rhinoplasty is true or not? You can calculate it visually through Hwasa’s before and after her K-pop debut.

Hwasa Weight Loss Diet Plan | Hwasa Weight Loss Journey

The way Mamamoo’s Hwasa looks predicts, Hwasa’s favourite foods must be jam packed with nutrients. Some old images can also give you an idea of Hwasa weight before debut.

Well, Koreaboo has out poured some great Hwasa facts! One can be, the ultimate diet plan she follows.

The biggest flex behind diet plans of K-pop idols is, their extremely unhealthy weight loss diet plans. But, we have got you covered with an amazing one!

Of course, you can have looks like Hwasa have with a safe diet plan.

BreakfastFruits Scrambled eggs Fresh nectar or juice 
LunchChicken Veggies Salad 
SnackSweet Potato (one)Consuming a sweet potato daily retains a handful of vitamin A in the body. It strengthens vitals and builds up immunity.
DinnerTurkey fillets Bowl full of veggies salad.Turkey’s meat will give you a boost of proteins, that too with a very low fat.  

 If you are dreaming of being as lean as Hwasa, start being regular with everyday workouts accompanied by a healthy diet. What is stopping you from having a glowing personality!

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