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The Diet Plan Of Lee Jong-Suk

Born as Yongin-si, Lee Jong-Suk is a 31 years old South Korean model, actor, and television personality. In 2005, he worked as a runway model and became the youngest male model to get the feature in Seoul Fashion Week. Lee Jong-Suk made his acting debut in 2012 in a family drama named School.

After that, he never looked back. He enlisted himself in military services in March 2019 which lasted till January 2021. He lost almost 10 kilograms since January [1]. But how does he did that and what is the diet plan of Lee Jong-Suk?

Three Meals A Day

Lee Jong-Suk takes three meals in a day. His diet plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner mostly. However, he eats food based on a balanced diet and stays hydrated throughout the day by consuming water and fruits.

Read more, as we are going to reveal the breakout of the Lee Jong-Suk diet plan.

Lee Jong-Suk Breakfast Meal Plan

Lee Jong-Suk strictly follows his diet, not only that he does work out mostly from home. He takes minimal food in the morning and his breakfast meal plan includes:

  • Eggs – Lee Jong-Suk takes a couple of boiled eggs in the morning.
  • Fruits – He ends his breakfast with a bowl full of seasonal fruits.

That’s all he eats for breakfast and on some days he fasts to regulate his body metabolism and calorie intake.

Lee Jong-Suk Lunch Meal Plan

Lee Jong-Suk saved his favorite food for lunch which consists of:

  • Chicken – Any dish that has chicken in it is Lee Jong-Suk’s favorite food [2]. Yet for lunch, he takes baked chicken breast with onion-mayo sauce.
  • Potatoes – He complements his baked chicken with a side dish of mashed potato.

Lee Jong-Suk Dinner Meal Plan

Lee Jong-Suk takes a simple food in the night and his eating plan constituents of:

  • Kimchi – As per our reports, Lee Jong-Suk likes to eat Kimchi fried rice at dinner [3]. He adds ham to it to make it more exclusive.

That’s all we have for the Lee Jong-Suk diet plan. His diet is simple, homemade, and easy to follow.

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