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Diet Plan Of Julia Gilas

Julia Gilas is a Ukrainian-born social media personality, fitness trainer, and model who is currently residing in the USA. At the age of 24, she moved to the USA to fulfill her dream of becoming a fitness model. And from that point onwards she never looked back. Julia Gilas is one of the prominent female faces of the fitness industry.

Currently, 26.7 K people are following Julia Gilas on Instagram. And through her social media platform, she is inspiring millions of people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“That’s how I got started in fitness. I was eating poorly, not exercising, and I was simply unhealthy. I wanted to change that, so I did.”

Read more to find out about Julia Gilas diet and workout routine

What is Julia Gilas Workout Plan

Julia Gilas follows her workout session very punctually. The fitness model trains 5 times a week while she takes a rest on Friday and Sunday. Her workout session mostly focuses on the volume of weight she lifts rather than strength training. That’s why she repeats 10 Reps of every exercise in her workout session.

Not only that, she does cardio after her every workout session to ensure the fitness of her body. [1]

Why does Julia Gilas follow a diet?

Julia Gilas suffered from poor health in the past. Due to her modeling career, she had to travel a lot and her health got compromised. At that time, she was unable to do workouts and she missed her meals. Her sedentary lifestyle affected her health and she became weak and inactive. [2]

After that, she started her fitness journey and restrain from eating unhealthy. However, she believes that many models have an unhealthy lifestyle. They eat junk food and drink multiple energy drinks to keep themselves healthy on the outside.

What does Julia Gilas eat?

Julia Gilas follows a strict diet. To maintain a lean and toned body, she aims to eat food in specific macros. Her meals are made up of clean food such as white meats, healthy carbs, and fats as avocados. [3]

Julia Gilas Macros includes

  • Calories – 1431 kcal
  • Fat – 24 g
  • Carbs – 83 g
  • Protein – 215 g

Julia Gilas Supplement Stack

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Whey Protein

The Bottom Line

Julia Gilas eats simple food but she follows her calorie count strictly. Follow Julia Gilas’s diet plan to get a lean and healthy body.

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