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Diet Plan Of Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn is a social media personality, fitness coach, and a former physique competitor from America. He won several NPC USA championships but he gains popularity after he started making fitness videos [1]. Bradley Martyn successfully runs many social media profiles where he shares his workouts, diet plans, and training advice with his followers. Due to his interactive videos, he’s one of the most recognized online training gurus.

However, this social media star takes his nutrition and training very seriously.

“It’s really simple. Eat enough calories to grow and make sure that you’re in a caloric surplus.”

Read more to find out Bradley Martyn’s diet routine.

Three Meals A Day

Bradley Martyn takes three meals in a day. However, he practices a different approach towards his diet that is to consume fewer carbohydrates in meals. And to eat food that is rich in protein and fat content. Even his favorite food includes eggs and raw vegetables.

Does Bradley Martyn take cheat days?

Yes, like many people, Bradley Martyn takes cheat days. But rather than eating junk food and consuming high calories. Bradley enjoys doing eating challenges for his audience which he then releases on his social media platforms.

Bradley Martyn Breakfast Meal Plan

Eating clean and strict food is Bradley Martyn’s motto that he follows through his diet. His breakfast eating plan includes:

  • Eggs – Bradley takes a couple of raw eggs in the morning.
  • Salmon – He also takes a grilled salmon at breakfast.
  • Toast – He eats his seafood with a wholegrain toast.

Bradley Martyn Lunch Meal Plan

Runner up of NPC USA championship 2011 eats a lunch full of proteins which consist of:

  • Burger – Bradley enjoys a bison burger at lunch. [2]
  • Steak – He sometimes eats iron flat steak with white rice in the evening.

“Once you do that then find the macro ration of protein, carbs, and fats that works for you to meet your caloric goal.”

Bradley Martyn Dinner Meal Plan

2011 NPC South California champion takes a dinner based on balance diet. His dinner eating plan comprises of:

  • Quinoa – Bradly consumes quinoa stew made with rosemary and thyme at dinner. [3]
  • Seafood – He also enjoys a grilled fish at night.
  • Salad – He ends his dinner with a bowl of green vegetable salad.

The Bottom Line

That concludes the diet plan of Bradley Martyn. He eats simple meals of high nutrient value. However, he trains vigorously to burn all these calories.

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