Christian Guzman’s Diet Plan

Christian guzman wearing only black gym trousers is posing for photoshoot

Born and raised in Texas, America, Christian Guzman is an entrepreneur, bodybuilder, and online fitness coach but it is through his YouTube channel that he made an impact on the fitness hub. Guzman started his journey as a YouTuber in 2012 even though within few years he became popular among fitness freaks. Christian Guzman Transformation … Read more

The Diet Plan Of David Laid

Buckwheat meal and a spoon is in a plate

Born in Estonia and raised in America, David Laid is a social media personality who works as a fitness model and trainer. But this macho built his reputation around the world through a YouTube channel where he shares video tutorials on how to get a perfectly shaped body. David Laid Transformational Journey David Laid transformation … Read more

Diet Plan Of Bradley Martyn

Grilled salmon

Bradley Martyn is a social media personality, fitness coach, and a former physique competitor from America. He won several NPC USA championships but he gains popularity after he started making fitness videos [1]. Bradley Martyn successfully runs many social media profiles where he shares his workouts, diet plans, and training advice with his followers. Due … Read more

The Diet Plan Of Demi Bagby

Grilled Chicken

She was born on January 10, 2001, in San Diego, USA. Afterward, in 2014, she suffered an unfortunate accident in which she got her backbone broken. She stayed paralyzed for three months with a fear of not being able to walk again. But she fought her disabilities and bounced back stronger than ever. Later, she … Read more

The Diet Plan Of Pietro Boselli

Pietro Boselli wearing black leather jacket and white shirt is standing on the stage for photoshoot

Pietro Boselli is an Italian engineer turned model and personal. He previously worked as a Mathematician lecturer at London University College. Pietro daily spends hours at the gym learning new exercises and training regimes. However, Boselli doesn’t follow a conservative diet plan but he believes in creating unique meals. “It’s not new knowledge that everything … Read more

The Diet Plan Of Tibo Inshape

Cooked Turkey

Born as Thibaud Delapart, Tibo Inshape is a French influencer who is known for making bodybuilding videos on YouTube. Currently, Tibo Inshape has approximately 81 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with 858 videos. Apart from bodybuilding, Tibo Inshape publishes videos about finding a lesser-known occupation. Tibo Inshape is a fitness freak and he takes … Read more