Doja Cat’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine Secrets for Weight Loss

Doja Cat posing for photoshoot

Thanks to her amazing vocals, and rapping capabilities, Doja Cat has become one of the biggest names in the music industry. But it is not only her voice that makes her fans love her, her killer looks and her fit body have an equal contribution. Doja Cat stated in an interview with Cosmopolitan that she … Read more

Lizzo’s Weight Loss Journey | Diet Secrets Of Lizzo’s 50 pounds Weight Loss

lizzo wearing black dress is sitting by the wall full of ballons and posing for photoshoot

In December 2021, Lizzo came up with a revelation about herself on her Instagram, that she had completed a 10-day smoothie cleanse. That’s exactly when the weight-loss success stories started pouring in. The plus-size singer went so far as to post videos of herself drinking “beauty water.” She also displayed videos of vegan protein bars … Read more

Rebel Wilson’s Weight Gain Story and Impressive Transformation After Weight Loss

rebel wilson is sitting on the floor behind the sofa and posing for photoshoot

Rebel Wilson’s only decisive move was her strong-headed determination over practising exercises. You would believe this or not; Rebel shed 75 pounds through workouts and regular walks!  And it is the reason that made Rebel call the year 2021 “The Year of The Rainbow”. Not only this, 2021 was a milestone in Wilson’s years of … Read more

Aerial Yoga (Flying Yoga) – An Exercise Celebrities Swear By

a vetor image of a girl doing aerial (flying) yoga

Aerial yoga offers a pleasant twist to regular exercise. This is the reason why well-known celebrities have incorporated it into their workout routine. What Is Aerial Yoga? Aerial yoga, as the name suggests, is performing yoga poses while suspended mid-air. Mastering it is not an easy task. It requires patience and continuous effort. Benefits Of … Read more

Follow Jennie Kim’s Diet & Workout Routine For Healthy Weight Transformation

Jennie Blackpink eating burger

K-pop idols are, without a doubt, the ultimate inspiration if you want to lose weight. BLACKPINK’s Jennie is an ideal K-pop idol to follow if you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight. We would never advocate for IU’s severely low-calorie diet or EXO’s Xiumin starving dietary routine to lose weight. Unlike various … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Anti-Aging Routine; Her Eating Plan Secrets

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It isn’t a secret that Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez looks a lot younger than her age. The star is 52 years old yet […]