Diet Plan Of Red Velvet’s Yeri

eggs and avocado on toast

Red velvets are always on the hype; some days because of their energetic Performances, and the other days their fitness stunts are surfing on the social media platforms.  Red velvet’s star, songwriter, and singer-turned actresses Yeri is always admired for her on and off-screen presence. Yeri Pre-debut | Yeri debut in Red velvet  Known in … Read more

Diet Plan of Red Velvet’s Seulgi

soy beans and soy milk

If you are a K-pop fan, you must have seen; The red velvet girl gang rising to popularity in a short span. Seulgi is one of those super energetic singers and dancers.  Seulgi is a South Korean-born singer and dancer. From full of energy performances to Seulgi outfits inspo, her fandom is in awe of her looks. Seulgi … Read more

Diet Plan of Red Velvet’s Joy

salmon and mix vegetables in a plate

Whenever there’s a call about “Red velvets”, we get sure about something related to red velvet cupcakes (Joy of Baking). Well, You might be wondering to know about the ‘red velvet’ we are referring to here. If you are a fan of K-pop, you might have come across the Red velvet K-pop Girl gang. From … Read more

Diet Plan Of Bae Irene

bae irene wearing woman's fashion black t-shirt, hat and pant

Who doesn’t know about the famous K-pop girl band Red Velvet? Well, all members of Red velvet are known for their stunning looks and slender physiques.  From their debut as S.M Rookies to their speculating entry as Red velvets, they are loved globally for their style statement and doll-faced looks. ReVeluv is the red Velvet … Read more