The Diet Plan Of Exo’s Sehun

Tteokbokki Dish

The gentleman with a shy outlook and milky glass skin, Oh Se-hun is a South Korean rapper, singer, dancer, model, actor, and songwriter. This K-pop (케이팝) idol debuted as a rapper in the South Korean boy band named Exo. In addition, Sehun also walks for many fashion brands such as Vogue Korea due to his … Read more

The Diet Plan Of EXO Chanyeol

Tonkatsu Japanese Dish

Once broken his teeth eating chicken, this mischievous lad grows as a Park Chanyeol, a K-pop rapper, singer, model, songwriter, and actor. Born in Seoul, South Korea, this multitalented heartthrob joined famous boyband Exo in 2013 as a thin boy. And now he’s a powerfully built man with an attractive physique. Does Chanyeol follow a … Read more

The Diet Plan Of Kai (Kim Jong-In)

Kai (Kim Jong-In) wearing black t-shirt is posing for shotoshoot

Born and raised in Suncheon-si, South Korea, Kim Jong-in are a dancer, singer, songwriter, model, and actor. Kim Jong-in, commonly known by stage name Kai, Kim Jong-in debuted as a singer and dancer in the South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo. In addition, Kai is a part of SM entertainment supergroup named SuperM and has launched … Read more