Secrets Hidden in Diets Followed By KPOP Idols & Stars To Lose Weight Fast

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With the sudden popularization of Korean pop music (k-pop), many people are curious as to how do k-pop stars lose weight and maintain such good figures. Moreover, Korean diet meal plans have also gained much traction all over the world including the western as well as eastern media. These k-pop idol diets are now followed … Read more

Got7’s Choi Young-jae Diet Plan

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Young Jae began his career with the goal of becoming a music therapist, and he auditioned for several positions in JYP entertainment programs in his hometown, which began in year 2013. In January 2014, he launched his formal debut with the seven-member Korean boyband GOT7, after over seven months of training, GOT7’s and Young-Jae’s golden … Read more

Wonho Abs Workout Routine | What’s the Secret Behind Monsta’s X Wonho Perfect Abs

wonho wearing coat & dress pant is capturing his own photo in front a mirror while showing his abs

Wonho’s perfect abs have made his fans go crazy!  Well, the buzz seems to be very accurate! Lee Ho-seok who is famous by his stage name Wonho, is making a chic yet strongly muscular public appearance with an exquisite flaunting of his solars, and by doing so this south Korean singer is setting up the … Read more

Bae Suzy’s Weight Loss, Diet Plan And Workout Routine

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Bae Suzy also known as Bae Su-Ji (real name), is a member of a famous Korean girl group, Miss A. She is the maknae (youngest member) and the visual of the group. The title “visual” is given to the member who fits the Korean beauty standards like having a V-shaped face, heart-shaped lips, a high … Read more

Wonho’s Diet Plan: Facts You Must Know To Get A Chiseled Body Like The Former Monsta X Member

wonho wearing coat & dress pant is capturing his own photo in front a mirror while showing his abs

Wonho, the former lead vocalist of Monsta X, is popular for his well-defined abs and toned arms and legs. While many people know the workout routine of Wonho, only a few know Wonho’s diet plan. The soloist now maintains his physique purely by working extremely hard to make time for his gym and eating a … Read more

Diet Plan of GOT7’s BamBam

BamBam wearing white wool coat is posing for photoshoot

GOT7’s one of the youngest members, BamBam does not follow any restricted diet. Despite being just 24 years old, this 5 foot 10-inch Thai-based singer has garnered everyone’s attention due to his fitness and handsome features. Can you believe BamBam’s weight is only 60 kgs? Well, Neither can we! (Don’t worry! We will tell you … Read more

Diet Plan Of Mamamoo’s Moonbyul

Mamamoo's Moonbyul wearing black top and black hat is posing cute for selfie

 Just sit back and rant on one of the unique diet plans!  Well, before that, know this, Mamamoo Moonbyul is the lead rapper of the witty smarty Mamamoo girl gang. Moonbyul has got a lot on her plate for her gigantic fandom while being a rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, and radio jockey.  Mamamoo Moonbyul Facts | Mamamoo … Read more