Paul Giamatti’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine Secrets for Weight Loss

Paul Giamatti wearing three piece suit is giving fiery look towards the camera

After catching the attention of fans following the release of season 5 of Billion, Paul Giamatti’s weight loss story has been trending in Hollywood. Besides looking tall and dashing, Paul has lost a remarkable amount of weight. Learn more about his weight loss journey here. Paul Giamatti, a very notable entertainer, established his first impression … Read more

Diet Plan of GOT7’s BamBam

BamBam wearing white wool coat is posing for photoshoot

GOT7’s one of the youngest members, BamBam does not follow any restricted diet. Despite being just 24 years old, this 5 foot 10-inch Thai-based singer has garnered everyone’s attention due to his fitness and handsome features. Can you believe BamBam’s weight is only 60 kgs? Well, Neither can we! (Don’t worry! We will tell you … Read more

The Diet Plan Of Exo’s Sehun

Tteokbokki Dish

The gentleman with a shy outlook and milky glass skin, Oh Se-hun is a South Korean rapper, singer, dancer, model, actor, and songwriter. This K-pop (케이팝) idol debuted as a rapper in the South Korean boy band named Exo. In addition, Sehun also walks for many fashion brands such as Vogue Korea due to his … Read more

The Diet Plan Of EXO Chanyeol

Tonkatsu Japanese Dish

Once broken his teeth eating chicken, this mischievous lad grows as a Park Chanyeol, a K-pop rapper, singer, model, songwriter, and actor. Born in Seoul, South Korea, this multitalented heartthrob joined famous boyband Exo in 2013 as a thin boy. And now he’s a powerfully built man with an attractive physique. Does Chanyeol follow a … Read more

The Diet Plan Of Siddharth Nigam

a bowl of Oatmeal and a pieces of strawberries on it

Siddharth Nigam takes five meals in a day. His diet plan includes breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch, mid-evening snacks, and dinner.

What Is the Diet Plan Of Akshay Kumar?

two jars of Chia Seeds Pudding and strawberries on the table

Akshay Kumar is a veteran, 53-year-old veteran Bollywood actor who is best known for his athletic stunts and action roles in Indian movies. Akshay seriously follows his fitness regime and makes time for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But what does Akshay Kumar’s diet plan looks like? Read more to get a deeper insight into Akshay … Read more

What Is The Diet Plan Of Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise wearing navy blue t-shirt is laughing on the stage

Tom Cruise is a veteran American filmmaker and an award-winning actor. But he gained popularity after playing the role of secret agent Ethan Hunt in the movie series named Mission Impossible. Even though, Tom Cruise is 58 year old he is perfectly in shape due to fitness and eating regime. But what is the Tom … Read more