The Diet Plan Of Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix wearing red top and shorts is sprinting in the race

Born as Allyson Michael Felix, Allyson Felix is a professional track and field sprinter of American origin. She started her career as a 200-meter sprinter but eventually turned out as a 400-meter sprinter. She is a holder of many accolades around the world. Allyson Felix workouts daily and follow a proper diet to remain in … Read more

What Is Usain Bolt Diet Plan?

Usain Bolt is readying for the race in the race field

Usain Bolt is a legendary runner, Olympian, and gold medalist. He is popularly known as the fastest man in the world. He won three gold medals consecutively in the 2006 Olympics. Usain Bolt easily manages to win races, but he put a lot of effort into his diet and workout. Read more to find out … Read more