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Christian Guzman’s Diet Plan

Born and raised in Texas, America, Christian Guzman is an entrepreneur, bodybuilder, and online fitness coach but it is through his YouTube channel that he made an impact on the fitness hub. Guzman started his journey as a YouTuber in 2012 even though within few years he became popular among fitness freaks.

Christian Guzman Transformation

From Christian Guzman, it’s all started as a lean boy who rides a bicycle and plays guitar in a school band. Disbandment works in his favor and his interest in health and fitness. From that day onwards he is following his passion not only with a big heart but also with huge muscles.

How many diets does Christian Guzman follow?

Christian Guzman along with his high intensity, muscle tiring workouts [1] follows a diet punctually. His diet plan includes cutting diet and bulking diet. Today, we are sharing a cutting diet with you which Guzman mostly eats before participating in a show.

Christian Guzman Diet Routine

Christian Guzman’s diet plan contains 6 meals which can be count as macros rather than complete meals. So let’s check them out.

It’s important in life to realize that it’s not always go, go, go. Yes, work your ass off, but do not forget to enjoy the moments where you literally just have peace.

1st Meal

YouTuber with 983k subscribers start his day with oats. He adds peanut butter, pineapples, and blueberries to it. Guzman ends his 1st meal by eating egg and egg whites. [2]

2nd Meal

After 1st meal, Guzman does a workout and after that, he consumes around one and a half scoops of whey protein in his 2nd meal.

3rd Meal

CEO of fitness apparel named Alphalete Athletics and UP energy drinks eat snacks in his 3rd meal. Guzman said that he likes to have an energy bar or protein bar.

4th Meal

Garlic and lemon season shrimp with jasmine rice topped with pink salt and baby spinach. Sounds like an elite class dish but wait, that’s what Guzman eats in his 4th meal. [3]

5th Meal

Vanilla Greek yogurt with granola, a perfect snack to relax after a heavy meal. This is what Guzman takes in his 5th meal.

6th Meal

Guzman ends his day with a cup of oatmeal.

The Bottom Line

That concludes the diet plan of Christian Guzman. His diet is a mix of simple and exotic ingredients made with rich nutrients.

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