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Chilled Water: Bad For Health


We all are aware that in summer we like to drink chilled water. It is natural that we assume that it will help us cool down.

Whether we are going for a workout, office, school, or any place or we are coming back we like to drink chilled refrigerated water.

We feel the utmost satisfaction after that, however, little do we know that it is actually very bad for our health. It causes a lot of complications in our bodies.


Coldwater has a lot of adverse effects on our digestive system.

Coldwater restricts the absorption of nutrients in the body.

This is because the energy required by the body for the absorption of nutrients is spent on body temperature regulation instead of being utilized on digestion of food, since drinking cold water lowers the body temperature and contracts the stomach as well as intestinal muscles.

The result is improper digestion of food.


Coldwater lowers our heart rates. Drinking cold water stimulates the vagus nerve which is a part of the autonomic nervous system of the body.

The affected nerve automatically lowers the heart rate of a person which could cause a decrease in blood pressure.


It is well known that cold water can cause sore throat as well as cold and cough.

It blocks our sinuses which can lead to the secretion of extra and thick mucus. The accumulation of extra mucus causes our throat to become sore.

It can also result in nasal congestion.


Drinking cold water results in headaches and even migraines.

It also limits the body’s ability to pass food during a meal from the esophagus (a tube connecting the mouth with the stomach); a condition called Achalasia.

It can also cause the accumulation of fat in the body due to the improper breakdown, indigestion of nutrients, and because of the accumulation of undigested food matter which eventually converts into toxins and can also get accumulated in the fats of the body with the passage of time.

It is actually bad for hydration as it takes away energy from the body in order to maintain the body temperature. This causes a loss of energy as well as a need to rehydrate again.


It is actually more beneficial for you to consume warm water as it has a lot of proven health benefits as compared to chilled water.

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