Best Food delivery apps to order food from in Istanbul

Istanbul is a place for a huge variety of awesome and colorful, local and international cuisines. While being in Istanbul you can try to grasp the huge variety of choices available through the food delivery apps and order them. Below is the list of few food delivery services in Istanbul.

1- Getir

Please note that some users have reported that you need a Turkish Bank Account to pay for your order placed at Getir.

2- Trendyol Yemek

Please note that some users have reported that you will need a Turkish Bank Account to pay for the order placed via Trendyol Yemek.

3- Yemeksepeti 

Note: To use Yemeksepeti, you need to have a Turkish phone number/ sim card to sign up as well as a Turkish Bank account/ card.

4- Or you can just Google the restaurants near you. Majority of the restaurants take orders through whatsapp and you could just pay cash upon your food delivery.

5- You could also try to befriend someone at the restaurant, Call them and ask them to place an order for you and have it delivered to you. It is quite easy to do so in Istanbul.

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