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Best Exercise for Transverse Abdominis Muscle for a Perfectly Flat Stomach

Located below the superficial rectus and obliques, the Transverse Abdominis muscle is an essential part of deep core strength and is often termed as corset muscle. Training your transverse abdominis muscle will not only help you to get rid of belly fat but also assist you in building a strong and balanced posture. That’s well said, but what is the best exercise for strengthening transverse abdominis muscle that everybody must know to achieve a flat belly?

Vacuum Twists – The Best Exercise to Train Transverse Abdominis Muscle

The vacuum twists work as the best exercise to train your Transverse Abdominis muscle. Vacuum twists will not only provide strength to your core but can also help you to increase frequency, maintain posture, and will uplift your cardiovascular capability. Vacuum twists are a high buildup exercise for your abdomen toning but you can easily learn this exercise by following some simple steps.

How to perform Vacuum Twists?

Below is the step by step method proposed by fitness trainer Heidi Powell to how to perform Vacuum Twists easily:

  1. Stand in an erect position with your head in a neutral position with your arms sideways.
  • Take a deep breath from your nose. Inhale as much of the fresh air as you can in to your lungs.
  • Then, exhale the air from your lungs through your mouth.
  • Then, draw your belly in and hold that position throughout the whole exercise.
  • Put your both arm up and then place your palms behind your head.
  • Twist your head and arms at both sides. Your lower body and foot should remain fixed on the ground. Your stomach should be drawn in through the workout.
  • Start with the initial goal of 3 sets of vacuum twists daily. Each set should contain 10 repetitions. Take rest after every set to prevent fatigue.
  • Once you have achieved the initial goal. Gradually upgrade your plan to 5 sets per day with 20 repetitions in each set.

By following this step-by-step approach, you will be able to strengthen your transverse abdominis muscle. However, your workout plan may vary as per your physical activity.

If you experience pain and fatigue after your workout session, then please do seek proper medical advice. 

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