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Bae Suzy’s Weight Loss, Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Bae Suzy also known as Bae Su-Ji (real name), is a member of a famous Korean girl group, Miss A. She is the maknae (youngest member) and the visual of the group. The title “visual” is given to the member who fits the Korean beauty standards like having a V-shaped face, heart-shaped lips, a high nose bridge, slim body, big doe eyes, and pale white skin, etc.

She is also a very popular actress. Initially, she played a sweet school girl in the drama “Dream High” which aired in 2011. After dream high, Bae Suzy lost a lot of weight for the role in her second drama “Uncontrollably Fond”, aired in 2016. Many netizens, fans, and drama lovers noticed her weight loss and were very curious about her diet, meal plans, and workout routine.

Bae Suzy’s Diet Plan

Let’s take a look at Bae Suzy’s weight loss meal plans:


For breakfast, Suzy eats one sweet potato, a small portion of seasoned chicken breast, and half a cup of low-fat milk.


As for lunch, she enjoys eating salad and half a bowl of brown rice. Brown rice is a staple if you want to lose weight. It is extremely nutritious and is lower in calories while containing carbs, fiber, protein, and iron, etc. Moreover, it keeps you full for a longer time compared to white rice.


For dinner, Suzy ate two sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are also a must in weight loss meal plans. Since there is a high water content in sweet potatoes, it rehydrates your cells and helps in weight loss. Moreover, they are very nutritious and are rich in Vitamin A and Beta-carotene.

Time-Limit Diet

Suzy also followed a time limit diet also known as intermittent fasting. During this diet, she would eat only in specific hours of the day and would restrict herself from eating after 6 pm.

Although this diet plan seems a bit bland, it is also a healthy one. These foods are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, Suzy’s diet has a total calorie intake of 900 calories per day.

Bae Suzy’s Workout Routine

For work out, she maintains her slim body by doing cardio in the form of dancing and rehearsing choreography for her songs. Furthermore, on the variety show “Get It Beauty”, Suzy introduced the ‘penguin exercise’ to tone up the arm muscles. According to her, you’re supposed to do this exercise until you feel the burn in your muscles. In addition, she likes doing yoga and Pilates as well.

Bae Suzy has maintained her weight loss and fitness since 2016. However, this particular diet is not recommended for a long time and is only suggested if you want to lose weight in a short period. You can also add other foods like oatmeal and smoothies into your diet plans.

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