Adama Traore wearing barcelona kit and shouting for celebartion

Adama Traore’s Diet Plan Secrets to keep his Fitness and body in Shape

Adama is one of the strongest and most muscular athletes out there! He is a  La Masia ( Fc Barcelona) product and secondly, his Pace, Dribbling, Physicality, and work rate fit in Xavi Barca. Currently, he is on loan with a Purchase option(not mandatory) of $30 million. With a 

Flawless performance on his debut against Athletico Madrid and continues a great run this season all things alarmed that Barcelona will Activate the Purchase option.

Diet Plan Of Adama Traore

Adama considers food is part of his training because it is very essential for his Body

Adama works from Monday to Thursday in a double session and also has a strict diet plan

  • Adama always tries to eat fresh foods whether it is  breakfast or lunch, He always eats fresh
  • Adama starts his day with a healthy and yummy breakfast of salad, Vegetables, and Eggs it also includes sometimes brown rice and baked chicken
  • Adama tries to Avoid fried Items
  • Before asleep he always has a protein shake or any other shakes and healthy drinks
  • Adama drinks 4liter water in a day because once he said it is essential to balanced water in the body.

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