Our motto

Our Motto is to ingrain a healthy lifestyle and help our readers keep striving towards their fitness goals.


Our Team includes medical students, DIY Health Geeks & Nerds Fitness enthusiasts who love to research & understand general health & fitness in order to empower our readers to take confident steps towards their fitness journey.

We are dedicated to keep our readers on track and make their journey easy by providing them with meal plans of the world’s top celebrities & influencers of different niches.

Our website serves as a doorway to authentic information on diet plans & healthy lifestyles of top celebs from all over the world.


Our mission is to bring our subscribers and readers few steps closer at a time towards a healthy lifestyle & facilitate them to adopt a balanced diet by motivating them towards the fitness sojourn that they wish to take with the pre-set examples of celebrities and athletes lifestyles that they look up to. The relevant information provided by the team on the diet plans, diet details, food restrictions, and Fitness regimens intends to help our readers remain focused on their health and fitness goals.

How does our team collect information?

Our team collects information from interviews, celebrity news, social media accounts & handles, public appearances and press conferences of the celebrities.

It is well-established that the more efficiently one tracks his/ her food intake, the more likely one will be able to keep a hold on the fitness status that he/she desires to achieve. So by providing our readers with a variety of meal plans to look up to and a daily dose of motivation through the fitness stories we aim to bring our readers close to their fitness goals.


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